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  1. We seem to share a lot in common, Head Rambles. Yes, those 'haemeroid' (android) phones with a mind of their own,running down my credit with Mobile Data and my battery with WiFi every time I walk up or down our WiFi enabled factory floor.

    I really just have it for calls, texts and the fact that it has a keyboard for sending or answering texts.

    • I'm beginning to think that life is just one long test, and as we get older the questions get harder?

  2. I ditched mine for a so-called dumb phone which receives texts or calls and has a stopwatch, caculator, alarm clock, torch plus a radio. It cost four pounds in Asda and a fiver per month makes it work. I work in an airport, some of the time, and it used to be the case that the departure lounges were full of conversations and chat. Now it's just people tapping on these infernal devices. I don't like them, it's an addiction and a turn for the worse. People start texting when you are talking with them which is rude enough to merit a boot in the nuts, were it not a criminal offence to do so.

    • The only reason I got my present one was that my previous one was virtually unworkable, and I got the chance of a cheap "upgrade".  I completely agree about the texting lark.  You must admit though there is one bonus – you may have to dodge the texters on the pavement but it's fun watching them walk out in front of buses?

  3. I came to the conclusion that "smart phone" was a relative statement, in that the phone is generally smarter than the operator.

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