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    • I have seen a few things in my life but I think that caps all for being the most disturbing nauseous thing ever to pollute my eyes.  It is enough to give any kid nightmares!  Damnit, it's enough to give me nightmares!

  1. That video is disgusting!

    As to the picture your posted, I think it's udderly ridiculous.

    • My first impression when I saw the balloon one was that it was saddled with a load of condoms!

  2. It’s not even that original. Pink Floyd had similar props in their 1981 tour of “The Wall”. And these were replicated by Gerald Scarfe in the fillum.

    We paid for our tickets to Earl’s Court, Floyd delivered our money’s worth (I went back and saw it twice, bought second tickets from a scalper at half-again face value, and the Treasury reaped rich VAT rewards.

    Why did the taxpayer get lumbered with repeating what’s been before, at no cost to anyone not interested? Must be a name to hang the blame on – any ideas?

    • Why does the majority of "The Arts" have to be funded from the public purse?  If their work is so bad that no one will pay to see/buy it than it's obviously not worth it.

      I believe that any budget for a motorway now has to include funding for "roadside art" which means that I frequently see what is essentially a load of scrap metal dumped at the side of the road.  It does sweet fuck all to enhance the view yet I am expected to pay for it?

  3. That is easily the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!

    What were they thinking………and for children???

    • On second thoughts, the idea of the cheeeeldren being mentally tortured does have a certain appeal?

    • o everybody who has viewed our video of Everybody, to all the lovers and haters and the WTF’ers.

      I’m so excited by the fact this video has reached millions of people all over the world, albeit a 2 minute clip from a 2 hour LIVE performance art piece. A piece that explores the one thing that all humans have in common: the human body. Naively simple concept maybe; beautiful, shocking, incredibly complex is what defines the human body and our relationship with it. Children whose parents and guardians allowed them to view this work expressed their joy, fear and innocent curiosity. Poos and wees, penises and vaginas, bums and boobs, we deal with these human body parts and functions multiple times daily and children in particular think it’s hilarious. If you’re wondering, any expression of sexuality is most definitely kept for an adults only audience.

      Free the human body and maybe one day everybody can be free.
      If you’re interested to understand more about Snuff Puppets work and look around our website and check out all our other works. A great place to start is About Us, Manifesto.

      Thanks everybody.

      Andy Freer

      • A load of pretentious bollox. 

        "Free the human body and maybe one day everybody can be free."  What kind of new age crap is that?

  4. Very interesting. From my old-age vantage point, I have observed in years of teaching, that it is MUCH easier to make something ugly and laugh, than it is to make something beautiful and profound. When ugly things tap into the puerile, they get the emotions going. Modern society seems to feel that is "making a difference" – yet, the REAL difference happens when human emotion is made to soar to its finest excruciating joy, in experiencing beauty. 

    This Australian crowd, have lost the plot but got the funding to produce cheap, ugly and easy…. Art? Lol

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