Where failure is a resounding success — 4 Comments

  1. Grandad it does seem only  that your exam results are adjusted should i address you as "Doctor" Grandad now!!

    On another note maybe i should register as well 100 euros would come in useful especially as i don't live in Ireland so shouldn't be liable

    • Just plain Sir will do fine.

      Knowing Irish Water there is an excellent chance you would get your €100 as their level of competence seems to be remarkably low.  By the time they get around to sending it though the Euro will probably be history.

  2. What happened to this Eurostat stress test on IW?  Conveniently forgotten or just burying the head in the sand probably. I thought the company had to raise over 50% of its running costs from customers by April to prove it viable and prevent it being added to the State balance sheet. If that happens then I presume that the setting up of Irish water as a private entity could be deemed illegal.

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