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  1. Inter Uterine Device could be worse they might of called themselves Improvised Explosive Device…mind doesn't the former protect from the latter!


  2. They don't appear to have asked for your bank details, but that will come at a later stage of the discussions about "profitable positions for both of us" I expect. May you continue to have exquisite business confabulations.

    • I would imagine that IF I was using Windoze and IF I was stupid enough to unzip their attachments and IF I was insane enough to run the contents, they would now have my bank details [and every other detail come to think of it].

  3. I must commend you on your enviable ability to write a concise business letter, GD. I'm sure IUD interprise will be beside themselves with joy at your response, and will answer at the very soonest! Be assured that the investment will pay you handsomely, and in years to come you will see it as the best few thousand Euros you ever spent. Or not, as the case may be.

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