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  1. I just assumed you already had free NHS rubbish. What do you have?

    Your description of what a waiting room might look like is exactly what they do look like over here.

    • It's complex and it's a mess.

      If you are on low income, you can apply for a Medical Card which essentially entitles you to free medical care [plus a charge on prescriptions].  Then there are Doctors Cards [for those who are on low income but don't qualify for the MC] which entitle you to free GP visits.  Above those, you pay.

      Hospital visits are theoretically free [I think], but you still have to pay a charge.  Waiting lists for fairly essential stuff can run into years however, and be prepared to spend days on a gurney in A&E.

      Those of us who can afford it [and a lot who can't]  plump for private insurance which while prohibitively expensive at least entitles us to reasonably prompt treatment.  Who wants to wait eight years for a hip replacement?

  2. As long as it is "other peoples money" then its free. As long as you can keep suppling enough free shit for 51% of the population you steal as much as you need from the other 49%. Of course eventually the 49% get feed up and start to complain, but as long you control the media no one will hear them. 

  3. Do you have to pay for education too? I thought it was the same as the UK, better get travel insurance next time I visit Ireland!

  4. I'd state something like, "…but think of the cheeeldren!", but I wouldn't want to get banned from the site. Blathering "make-it-look-like-I-actually-care-so-I-can-keep-my-position" political idiocy if  you ask me.

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