A free lunch — 11 Comments

  1. I just assumed you already had free NHS rubbish. What do you have?

    Your description of what a waiting room might look like is exactly what they do look like over here.

    • It's complex and it's a mess.

      If you are on low income, you can apply for a Medical Card which essentially entitles you to free medical care [plus a charge on prescriptions].  Then there are Doctors Cards [for those who are on low income but don't qualify for the MC] which entitle you to free GP visits.  Above those, you pay.

      Hospital visits are theoretically free [I think], but you still have to pay a charge.  Waiting lists for fairly essential stuff can run into years however, and be prepared to spend days on a gurney in A&E.

      Those of us who can afford it [and a lot who can't]  plump for private insurance which while prohibitively expensive at least entitles us to reasonably prompt treatment.  Who wants to wait eight years for a hip replacement?

  2. Not to worry GD, he has that covered too with compulsory health insurance planned for the next government.

    • Which means we all have to fork out for our own insurance and also have to fork out for all those little bastards cluttering up the surgeries.

  3. As long as it is "other peoples money" then its free. As long as you can keep suppling enough free shit for 51% of the population you steal as much as you need from the other 49%. Of course eventually the 49% get feed up and start to complain, but as long you control the media no one will hear them. 

  4. Welcome to the Socialist dream state!  Everything is free.  You are all left equally poor.

  5. Do you have to pay for education too? I thought it was the same as the UK, better get travel insurance next time I visit Ireland!

  6. I'd state something like, "…but think of the cheeeldren!", but I wouldn't want to get banned from the site. Blathering "make-it-look-like-I-actually-care-so-I-can-keep-my-position" political idiocy if  you ask me.

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