Snobbery – a reprieve — 6 Comments

    • What replies? I’m out of the game as I have very dodgy reception and a keyboard only about an inch wide. Anyway I’m on me holliers.

    • @another grandad – Ah, this is a repost of an old post and in the case of a repost of old an post, the repost of an old post is actually considered a new post so all the original comments that were posted on the original old post are still there but since this is a repost of an old post which is considered a new post, the old comments to the original old post are not transferred to the reposted old post since it's considered a new post.

      All clear now?

    • Oh lovely. And my first and middle names are Kirk Michael. But I'm not snobbish, my neighbors like me (I also help them out as the need arises) and I like them, I do my shopping in town and I drive around in an old Jeep I bought used.

      Perhaps I should pay a visit to Kirk Michael village then?

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