A fond farewell — 10 Comments

  1. In the meantime….

    Behave yourselves.

    I trust you are being humorous there, GD. The only times I behave myself is when I do so by accident. However, when I realise what I have done, I take measures to make amends.

    Enjoy your hols.


  2. And what's happened to my little Greek flag? The only reason I post here is because I get a flag. Boo hiss, I wuz robbed! If I don't get my flag, I shall scream and scream until I go blue! So there!

  3. If it were me I’d leave the mobile phone behind as well. I love mid-Wales as it hardly has any phone coverage.

    Have a good holiday.

  4. Hope Grandad photographs on his holidays  (a) a moving statue in Ballinspittle, (b) a leprechaun with a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, or (c) an exotic rare bird blown in from South America.

  5. Of course we could take over his web site and post a bunch of rants and see how many people our posts would offend, but then if we did that no one would realize GD was gone.

  6. Have a wonderful holiday, GD. Enjoy your time off from your…er…time off…as it were. On that note, what the hell do you call a pensioner (I believe that's what you call it over there?) who takes a holiday? Over in my neck of the woods it would be called taking a vacation from your retirement.

  7. Have a good holiday.   It doesn't matter if you do not post as I shall be going on holiday tomorrow.

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