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  1. Many questionnaires are 'loaded'. They are similar to the old chestnut: Have you stopped beating your wife? All political questionnaires should ask a question with these possible answers:

    Will you vote for Joan Burton's crowd at the next general election?

    a. Yes  B. No  c. Who's Joan Burton?  d. Who are 'her crowd'?  e. Don't know  f. If she comes to my doorstep and gives me a big hug   g. Ask me next week  h. Stop asking me stupid questions

    • You forgot i. Possibly, j. Depends, k. Get off my fucking land.

      I see the Bold Joan opened a Twitter thingy yesterday supposedly to show how "in touch" she is.  I don't know what she expected but the abuse was hilarious!!!


    I filled this in using your link from my tablet and told them I am a non smoker. They then said my risk was average for my age. I did it again on the PC and said I was a regular smoker. Although my risk estimate doubled the verdict remained average for my age. The questionnaire is rubbish, but maybe not for the obvious reasons.

    • I just don't know how such things as the number of cars I have can have a bearing on longevity?  If they asked whether I used a bike, that might be different.

      Incidentally, two great add ons for Firefox…..

      Remove Cookies for Site [handy for doing questionnaires several times].

      CS Lite Mod [great for blocking a site such as Irish Times from using any cookies].

      Not that I would ever suggest that anyone should use those for such nefarious purposes as avoiding the Irish Times' Paywall or fiddling polls.  I wouldn't do that.  😈

  3. "I just don't know how such things as the number of cars"

    Maybe income/affluence/lifestyle related and nothing to do with exercise?

    Incidentally you don't need an add-on to block cookies from specific sites in Firefox, although it's a rather convoluted process instructions are available via google

    • Anything that short circuits a convoluted process is a good thing in my book.

  4. my results as a 70 year old woman who has had 7 kids…not really!

    1. Your Ubble age is 71 years (66 to 76 years)

    2. Your five-year risk of dying is 9.4%


  5. Answering these questionnaires is one of the few times I lie my head off. Same as when the doctor asks me all sorts of questions which have bugger-all to do with why I'm in his surgery in the first place; even the fucking dentist insists I fill in an A4 page of questions when all I want is a quick inspection to make sure I've got the same number of teeth I had twenty years ago. Lie like a churchman, that's my advice.

    • It depends on the questionnaire.  If it's a survey where the answers are collated into statistics then I lie like the clappers, as do a lot of people [hence the result that surveys are not that reliable], but if it's just a fun thing like the one above then I like to just run through them giving different answers to see the different results.

  6. Our household, yes 'Our Household' was selected more than a year ago by none other than UCD to fill in a questionnaire, which in hindsight was probably in more dept than that other annoyance, the census. So intent on gleaning where we sh*t last, they included a post free reply envelope and a few weeks before their expected return date, they sent us a reminder. I wouldn't wait up boys.

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