The sledgehammer approach — 9 Comments

  1. It's probably a good idea to black hole everything and then start from scratch in my opinion.

    • Unless of course we fall through the black hole into another dimension or an alternative universe?  I'm quite happy with the number of dimensions I have at the moment.  Any more or any less could be very confusing?

  2. ""Has anyone checked today to see if Switzerland is still there?"

    In the normal course of events how long would you expect it to be before somebody noticed"

    • Good question.  I suppose the Swiss would be first to notice but seeing as they've gone into the hole, I doubt they care any more.

  3. You mentioned a "Dyson on steroids" and I'm thinking what the hell has a Dyson sphere have to do with a black hole and you're talking about a damn vacuum cleaner. Sheesh!

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