I am to become a Council Member — 5 Comments


    Why do I have the feeling that storks and gooseberry bushes are involved in this idiots understanding of human reproduction.

    • I haven't a clue how a Sith or a Jedi reproduces, and quite frankly, i'm not sure I want to know.  Presumably it involves a force somewhere……

  2. I don't think that bloke's communications come by email, I think he is sending you letters from the clinic in which he is held. I have met saner people in locked wards!

    • Oh dear!  How uncharitable.  Just because a bloke is certifiably looney doesn't mean he's a certified loon?

  3. You won't be beamed up. That's the other extremely popular sci-fi thingy called Star Trek you see.

    Anyway, I'll be more than glad to pledge myself to the promotion of the new Jedi order by servicing all females of an impregnable age that have a high midi-chlorian count. As long as they're good-looking and of my own species that is.

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