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  1. My Grandfather died of Lympho-Sarcoma (cancer of the Lymph nodes) but of course since sarcoma means cancer we can't posssibly call it that.  No, today it's called Lymphoma because cancer is a bad bad word.  PC assholes!


    • We must recognise that there are people out there with very finely balanced sensibilities.  The golden rule is NO ONE CAN BE OFFENDED.  Personally I find the WHO quite offensive so they should be eradicated too.

    • Presumably so as the Alzheimer and Parkinson Clans will have their objections?

  2. Is this for real?… It brings me certain joy to know this is the downward spiral for our civilation rather than the high point

  3. We must take action to protect all people who are sensitive to any slight no matter if real, or if it is just in their own infallible minds. Such people must be carefully wrapped in cotton gauze, securely taped so it cannot come loose. Alternate warping material shall be provided to those "allergic" to cotton. 

    A second layer of bubble wrap shall then be applied followed by sound absorbent foam. This cocoon will be lowered in to metal drum and sealed to prevent any disparaging words, sounds, or sights from reach them. The drum shall be carefully placed deep underground, perhaps an abandon mine shaft, and back filled with concrete to prevent reality from ever impinging on their world views. 

    I realize this maybe expensive, but I also anticipate no shortage of volunteers who will be glad to assist in "protecting" such sensitive individuals. 

  4. I'm looking forward to a Bakewell tart for dessert – how long before the young ladies of Derbyshire become offended?

  5. "Basically the only disease they have to worry about now is the Common Cold."

    Oy!!  Who're you calling Common??!  That's it!  I'm offended now – I'm going back off to Greenham …. 😉

    • Heh!  Welcome Misty!  Take that up with the WHO,  I'm sure they'll treat your case sympathetically.

  6. I don't anyone by the name of Tinnitus but I certainly have it. In fact, if it wasn't for my hearing aids that's all I would ever "hear". Thousands of screaming little whiners, each one with it's own particular frequency. Kind of like people, you know?

    I also had Rheumatic fever when I was a kid but I don't know anyone that goes by that name of Rheu or even Rheum for that matter although I've known a few Fevers in my time (Febvre and various other spellings) and only one of those was offensive (he rarely bathed). But I don't suppose that's the same thing?

    A disease by any other name is still a disease. So, by that definition, is Alzheimer's (named after Alois Alzheimer) now going to be called something like WRDKWTHII disease (We Really Don't Know What The Hell It Is)?

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