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  1. Ah yes, we had a Year of Culture over here last year, and what a washout that was! As I remarked on my own site of one key event, the only thing out government got right was putting everything that's shite about the island in the one place nobody would go to in a month of Sundays, then charging admission…..

    ..or maybe that's the real game plan, to wreck what's still enjoyable of your culture because the nannies don't like that sort of thing?

    Back when Glasgow got that European City of Culture thingie I remember Glaswegians saying the only real effect on the local economy was that the price of a pint doubled. I saw the other day that a pint of the black stuff in Dublin  already costs more than anywhere else in the world, and as you also seem to be leading the world in letting the temperance fusspots dictate what you can or can't do in Irish pubs – one of the cultural institutions we used to love you for – good luck with  that one.

    Tell you what, in a year, if there's still a bar open or a pint of anything drinkable you can buy without taking out a small mortgage, let us all know, and we'll be over to celebrate.


    • I can just picture what they have in mind – endless "street parties", laid on entertainment and events to boggle the imagination.  I have nothing against people enjoying themselves [I'm all for it] but somehow the kind of thing they put on is tacky and contrived.

      I can alo guarantee that hotel prices as well as the price of a pint will soar through the roof.  I will indeed invite everyone over should the pint drop to affordable levels, but then pigs might fly too.

  2. I can picture it now; guided tours along O'Connell street showing wide eyed yanks the culture of public heroin use by junkies: "Ahhhhhh, gwwwannnnn boood – giiizzzzzz a euuuuuroooo foooorrrrrr cooooop uh cahhhhhfeeeee, will yizzzzzzzz??" …………. "and now, ladies and gents, we'll go to Henry Street where we can view our wonderful Police force pepper spraying a scurrilous homeless man. What? Oh, yes Sir; souvenir needles are available from that man over there. He'll be with you as soon as he's finished injecting".

  3. Kulsher is whatever you want it to be. It means grant money for struggling artists. It means some money for arts administrators. It means celebrities photographed at wine and cheese receptions. It means hotel beds. It means income for pubs and restaurants. Taxi drivers will get kulsher vulsher customers. No city in the world is going to refuse City of Culture grants. I admire bel canto singing on the radio but never go to the opera – and you'll never catch me wearing formal dress at the theatre. I only wear ties at weddings and funerals. I believe Beethoven was better than Elvis incidentally. But Elvis was better than Dana. They should drop the Eurovision Song Contest – it's an insult to kulsher. I could go on…

  4. I remember well when Glasgow was the City of Culture, the only good thing that came out of it was that the pubs were allowed to stay open late, the rest was a bag of pish!

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