Overwhelming roar of indifference

All the headlines today are on the same subject.

A woman in the UK has given birth to a baby.

Not one mention of the other 360,000 women who gave birth on the same day.

In fact a woman gives birth every quarter second somewhere in the world.

If they could find that woman, it would solve the world's population problem.

Maybe it's that woman in the UK?


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Overwhelming roar of indifference — 15 Comments

  1. Having only recently stumbled onto your fine Blog, I thought it the right thing to do to let you know I've taken the liberty of copying a bit of the above post, with courtesy links,  to my place and thus, through this comment thingy, I'm here to offer my apologies. I was going to add 'sincere' but feel, in true Blogging tradition, that'd be a step too far. For your further information, I've told the clip to find its own way home in six days.
    Oh, in payment for the loan I've added your site to my link list which would be good if anyone ever visited my place to find it.

  2. High class woman has baby & happy well-connected father goes to nearby pub for a double Scotch on the rocks. May all their loyal fans be eternally happy.

    • Somehow I can't quite get the picture of Yer Man down the pub, lacing into the whiskeys and passing cigars around.  Of course he wouldn't have to drive home after….

  3. OK, I take it from context that some royal girl had a baby and now everybody are all excited about it.



  4. So far that UK woman has just the two,the other 360,000  that you mention are merely there to support the new royal one with their hard earned taxes.

  5. Can anyone tell me precisely what is so different about this baby?  What sets it apart from every other child [apart from belonging to a particular family]?  Why are people all gushing over it and crowding to see photographs?  Babies all look the same to me.

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