Shining a light on darkness — 12 Comments

  1. If they all held their breath for an hour just think how the global I.Q. average would increase.

    • Welcome George!  Indeed, I think the gene pool would benefit enormously.  Twitter would probably close for lack of custom though?

      • Agreed some on twitter at low end on bell curve but still many good hearted intelligent tweeters.

        • You ended up in Moderation again!  [You changed your name]

          I trust I am included in the latter?  😉

  2. Like how you are thinking on the holding breath bit. Given how stupid these people are I think you might be able to get them to do it as well!

    I put on all the lights (including the new 100w bulbs I managed to pick up for the occasion) and lots of gadgets, but due to poor planning I didn't have enough sockets to put the hair dryer on with the hoover. Bad planning, I know. Still, at least my socks are washed.

    Also, couldn't do anything about the heating because we have electric heating that only charges overnight. I'd like some of those mad lefties to have electric heating just to see what they do when they are frozen.

    • Welcome Colster!  It did cross my mind that some of them might not know how to hold their breath.  Matby we could round up some volunteers to hold their heads under water for an hour?

      Extension leads and patch-panels are your only man.  Plug an indefinite number of gadgets into one socket.  Just have a fire extinguisher handy though…..

    • Booker seems to be ploughing a lonely furrow when it comes to the meeja.  Soon enough people are going to have to realise they have been rightly conned with all this warble gloaming crap.

  3. Blackpool Council's far greater contribution to the survival of pandas and stuff is the deliberate extinguishing of millions of lights for about nine months every fucking year, which it has done since the invention of the coloured light bulb. 

    Who thanks them? 

    • Why?  Leave it up [and lit] but don't forget to replace it with a new tree at regular intervals.

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