The oldest smokers in the world

I penned a wee piece last Monday about longevity.

Like all my previous posts it was unremarkable an instantly forgettable, but it did lead to some interesting comments.

Nisakiman pointed me in the direction of a page which was very difficult to read listing the World's oldest, and the inconvenient fact that they are smokers.  That page was originally taken from yet another page, which while a little easier to read is still full of errors.  We both agreed that the page should be tidied and given a new home here.

So since then I have been doing a little work.  I sanded down the page, repaired a couple of wobbly bits and gave it two coats of beeswax before giving it a final buff up and polish.  The new page has been very carefully inserted into this site [it took twp cranes and a team of Polish engineers] and is safely embedded on a fresh base of concrete.

World's oldest smokers

One of the big problems that I had was in replacing FORCES' links.  The old ones all pointed to a site which appears to be a bit wonky so I endeavoured to find alternative references to verify the claims.  In most cases I was successful but some still remain unsubstantiated.  If anyone can find references, I would be more than delighted to insert them.

And when I'm inserting them I'll try to tidy a few other typos I just spotted….

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The oldest smokers in the world — 9 Comments

  1. This has been a public service broadcast. What a stonkingly good find, I hope others will re-broadcast.

    Miss the finger.

  2. You might also want to consider Buster Martin, who smoked 20 a day and who ran the London Marathon at the age of 101. He didn't win but that probably wasn't helped by the fact that he stopped for a beer and a smoke halfway round.

    He eventually died at 104.

    I have 3 links which I'll post below this. The comment with links may end up being flagged as spam.

  3. It might be a good idea to keep this article up to date for future reference.

    Here's my contribution;

    Jose Aguinelo dos Santos was born on July 7 1888, just two months after slavery was abolished in Brazil – the last country in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw the trade. He could be the oldest living person ever documented at 126 years old on 7th July 2014 -Yet the bachelor, who never married or had children, still walks without a stick, eats four meals a day and has no health problems – despite smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for the last 50 years.

    • Sorry for the delay, Kin… you ended up in my Spam cellar for some reason.  I only found it by chance!

      Thanks for that.  The page might not be "scientific proof" [though it's a lot more scientific than Tobacco Control] but it makes for very interesting reading!

  4. Oh, excellent job, GD! Much easier to read, and I particularly like the bullet points. Tony's Buster Martin is a worthy addition, too. If I come across any more, I'll pass them on.

    • I have stuck to the original as closely as possible.  Those bullet points were originally on FOREST's copy but they had moved the image, giving a load of broken links.  Luckily I found the original image so all praise is to them.

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