The oldest smokers in the world — 9 Comments

  1. This has been a public service broadcast. What a stonkingly good find, I hope others will re-broadcast.

    Miss the finger.

    • The finger is in cold storage at the moment [I'm experimenting with cryogenics these days].

  2. You might also want to consider Buster Martin, who smoked 20 a day and who ran the London Marathon at the age of 101. He didn't win but that probably wasn't helped by the fact that he stopped for a beer and a smoke halfway round.

    He eventually died at 104.

    I have 3 links which I'll post below this. The comment with links may end up being flagged as spam.

  3. It might be a good idea to keep this article up to date for future reference.

    Here's my contribution;

    Jose Aguinelo dos Santos was born on July 7 1888, just two months after slavery was abolished in Brazil – the last country in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw the trade. He could be the oldest living person ever documented at 126 years old on 7th July 2014 -Yet the bachelor, who never married or had children, still walks without a stick, eats four meals a day and has no health problems – despite smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for the last 50 years.

    • Sorry for the delay, Kin… you ended up in my Spam cellar for some reason.  I only found it by chance!

      Thanks for that.  The page might not be "scientific proof" [though it's a lot more scientific than Tobacco Control] but it makes for very interesting reading!

  4. Oh, excellent job, GD! Much easier to read, and I particularly like the bullet points. Tony's Buster Martin is a worthy addition, too. If I come across any more, I'll pass them on.

    • I have stuck to the original as closely as possible.  Those bullet points were originally on FOREST's copy but they had moved the image, giving a load of broken links.  Luckily I found the original image so all praise is to them.

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