Put this in your pipe — 13 Comments

  1. Everybody (mainly male) has erotic fantasies about Princess Leia, that is quite understandable.However waving your sabre about in public is likely to get you talked about and could have severe consequences .

    • All I'm trying to do is the Right Thing.  If that means waving my sabre about then so be it.

    • Heh!  IF I had SS's address I might make him a present of one. It might mellow him a bit.

  2. Sorry about the name change,did it again before I saw your reply.Ibelieve barring unforeseen circumstances I will not feel the urge to repeat in future.

    • Misspell your name or email address and you are bunged into Moderation.  You now have three moderated names!

  3. smog porn. my mr. does that then but not as classy as the vapour pipe. don't think SS would like that yoda pipe, face is all wrong like they took a scull suck ears on it dabbed it with green just to make sales with the comicon group

    • Unfortunately that pipe died the death.  I think there was a loose connection or something but I can't take the damn thing apart.

      I'm no expert on Yodas but haven't they got flatter heads?

  4. I think that grabshot from the video proves you are really Ricky Tomlinson !!! good day from downunder, love your blog Grandad.

  5. SS finally proves it:

    A Jedi is a monk.

    SS is an insane monk.

    And I've always wanted a light sabre. It would make splitting firewood so much easier–among other things. I've always wanted one of those little one-man ships they zip around in with the detachable hyper drive but I'm getting older now and the lack of bathroom facilities worries me a bit.

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