Going in One Direction — 5 Comments

  1. no idea what this one direction thing was all about, thanks for clarification, it has made me quite glad I don't have any "tweens" especially the female ones in my life. I you tube'd a song and didn't make it past the 20 second mark.

    • I like to keep my readers informed about the seedier side of life.  And there should be a health warning on that YouTube.

    • Welcome Xopher!  That's only fair seeing as the "band" is now reduced by 20%.  Should be applied to all their stuff.

      [*What the fuck has One Direction got to do with Easter?  Fucking commercialism*]

  2. Just so you know, I don't anything about One Direction nor do I care to. Except, of course, the entertainment "news" went totally balls up over one of the "performers" leaving but I don't know if they (the entertainment media) threatened to cut themselves.

    On another note:

    So these kidiots decide to crowd fund the purchase price of the band? Really? I don't suppose they considered what they would do with them once they had them did they?

    Hey ma, look what I bought.

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