The WHO versus The Who — 4 Comments

  1. When I saw The Band play.  Yes I saw The Band live in concert.  I'm that old.  I remember standing right next to the speakers and thinking to myself.  I wonder if this is doing anything to my hearing.  Ha!


    • That's going back a bit all right.  Concerts were no good unless you were right next to the speakers.  As  said – you have to feel the music!


  2. And here's literally the money shot from that story there always one when nanny is telling any clown daft enough to pay attention to stop doing something or else.

    "Paul Breckell, the chief executive of the charity Action on Hearing Loss, said:

    more cash, more awareness of the existence of his charity courtesy of nanny in the for of a free advert dressed up as a health article…

    #action hustings 2nd march

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