Daylight robbery — 5 Comments

  1. The bassads caught up with me a year ago in the same manner as with you. To date, I have had no correspondence with them whatsoever and I let them do what they will, on the suspicion that they received my 100 euro registration fee for their extra work. They will more than have earned it with me by the time I shuffle off. In the interim, I have found other ways to avoid VAT, (Black market, or, the dark economy, as they like to call it) and guess what, they'll need to deduct a lot more from me to ever catch up with what I am now saving from them.

    • Any dealings I have that involve payment [with the exception of ordinary shops], the first thing I ask is whether they take cash or barter.  The savings have been significant, to put it mildly.  I have a couple of other tricks up my sleeve so, while I resent paying the property tax, it represents only a small portion of the savings I have made.

  2. Property taxes has just become a mortgage you can never redeem. I too finally own my house but will have to pay to live in it for the rest of my life. It used to be a reasonable amount and they would pick up large items free, deal with wasps nests free to say nothing of the extortionate cost of planning and building regulation inspection, they were here for five minutes last time. Now we have to pay for everything including garden waste collection. All I get is two bins emptied.

    • Wasps nests?  Bins? HAH!  Wasps nests are up to me.  Bins and other waste I already pay for.  The property tax pays for nothing.  It is supposed to pay for the local council amenities such as parks, playgrounds, streetlighting and the like. Seeing as there aren't any of those around here, and seeing as the tax is collected by Revenue and not the local council then I can only imagine it goes to swell the coffers of gubmint.

  3. Property tax is rent paid to the gubmint.  You never really own your own home.  I like the email ideal.  I have a nice piece of ransom-ware I could let you have for free.  I know how to get rid of it but I let it infect a jump drive of mine.  It's just sitting there waiting for a windoze machine to infect.  🙂


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