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  1. "robbing provincial and federal coffers of more than $2 billion a year and raising concerns about children gaining easy access to tobacco."

    The sirens of governments everywhere cash and kids…sick bastards.

    • "robbing provincial and federal coffers of more than $2 billion a year"

      There was no "robbing".  They just didn't get what they reckoned they were owed.  They're the ones who gleefully do the robbing.

  2. And here we go again. I hope this is contested and court, and the tobacco companies will keep the right to standard packaging. In Australia, we've been challenged by several countries by breaching WTO trading agreements that destroy their brands. This is under investigation, but of course, means there is additional money wasted on fighting this. 

    Like I said previously, how is this supposed to work when smokers themselves can't name all the cancers they'll get, when an anti can? Only 1/3 of smokers compared to 2/3 of antis/nonsmokers. 

    Also, you might be very displeased to know that some new Australian "research" was published recently, and claims that 66% of smokes will die from their habit, based off a study conducted with 200,000 persons. Unfortunately, people don't realise that in the doctor's eyes – Smoker + Death = Smoking-Related death. 

    So, in response, I've put a fair chunk of money into the pro-smoking crusade by purchasing both of Michael J McFadden's books. 

    • I have no great love for the tobacco companies [though I hope that's where my pension fund is invested] but I sincerely hope that they give our gubmint a thrashing if only to wipe the smug sanctimonious smirk of their face.

      If there was a clause in the protocols and procedures of writing death certificates that a death could only be ascribed to smoking if it were proved that it was caused by smoking, there wouldn't be any "smoker related" deaths at all.  Problem solved.

  3. Iv often wonder if Ireland is used to test out all these mad-cap ideas….smoking in bars, then having about 6 different dust bins, no plastic bags , now this rubbish.  

  4. This is sad. They totally ignored the failure of plain packages in Australia. I guess the intoxication of ideology overruled common sense and evidence. Stand by for no decrease in smoking rates (increased youth smoking), and profit opportunities for organized crime by smuggling counterfeit cigarettes. Let's hope the TDs see the error of their wys and repeal this nonsense.

  5. We'll be next,I dare say.The "anti" camp in Westminster is just as determined to get its own way as the one in Dublin.

  6. I can't decide whether they're simpletons. misguided or just blinded by their own ideology.

    It's all so pointless.

    It obviously won't do what the zealots say it will do – we don't even need to read about the signal failure of PP in Australia to deduce that – it's just bleedin' obvious.

    I've come to the conclusion that the whole ethos behind 'Plain' packaging is simply to hurl yet another insult at smokers. There can't be any other reason. They just hate us, and want to do everything in their power to uglify our lives.

  7. It is a measure that defies not only the evidence but logic itself.  Yet they talk about it as if it the ultimate weapon in their fight against tobacco.  They have fired all their big guns and are now just throwing pebbles, as if suddenly all kids are suddenly overnight going to stop smoking. 

    They talk about it being the "next vital step" and I can't help but wonder what else they are dreaming up.  Somehow they hope eventually to ban smoking in the home so presumably it will be something along that line.  They have struck at the car [and the next step there will be a total ban, whether kids are present or not].  They have stopped parents adopting, and are making shared buildings non-smoking, so that just leaves the private home owner.  You can be damn sure we are a future target as soon as they can find some way of turning people against us. 

    As for Ireland wanting to be first – that just smacks of insecurity.  They are jumping up and down, shouting "look at what we've done" so they can bask in the adulation of their fellow fanatics abroad.

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