Plain obsession — 4 Comments

  1. Question One
    It isn’t supposed to work. If it did there would be no need for all the coming legislation and job creation opportunities for the government to expand.
    Question Two
    The fucking kids are not the fucking state’s property.
    Question Three
    People who smoke.

    The only question to ask is who ate all the pies and we know the answer to that one..

    • Agreed with the first two.  The answer to the third question though is everybody, smokers and non-smokers alike.  This exercise is going to cost a fortune, not only in legal fees abut in the extra smuggling.  And that's not counting the extra hassle that tobacconists and the public have to put up with.  All that to satisfy a couple of pricks' wet dreams.

  2. In other news
    The Irish Times to introduce digital subscriptions next week. Get yer credit card out…

    • Not a chance.  Not only will I not subscribe, but they will lose all that significant traffic I push their way.

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