Climate change is not the real danger — 25 Comments

  1. You two will be snorking and snickering the other side of your faces when the Mirader come to get yiz.

    • Bloody right, GD.

      I'm busy making a super-safe multi-layer tinfoil hat even as we speak. Those Mirader bastards are going to have to be mighty clever to zap me! I've also got a really swish light-sabre that was surplus to requirements a few Christmases ago (just needs batteries), so I'm armed and dangerous! Let the battle begin!

  2. . So what if the Miraders  cant find their creator. Tell them  to enjoy life grandad, you never know they might listen and you will have saved all of us.

    • I shall take them to one side and teach them the joys of a pint of stout and a full pipe of Condor, and the world shall rejoice and hail me as Mankind's Saviour.

  3. My admiration for your tolerance, ability to suffer brain-dead loonys, and desire to save us all has increased by leaps and bounds.  Is it the Guiness or whiskey that helps you through?  Any news on the errant blue pipe?

  4. SS got it wrong. The Miraders were looking for their godess, I sent them some images of Rachel Aldana and their urge to destroy the world has taken another direction. All is calm now…………

  5. The first link in the post is off. Has a double http/https in front of the url which leads you to a 404 page at a "Home Improvement" site. If you those then the link resolves correctly.


    Now to the rest of the post.

  6. Always good to read something from Supershadow. It reminds me that there's actually someone out there with a mind that's more warped than my own.

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