Failing to prove the unprovable — 9 Comments

  1. As a 'control' choice in thatuniversity research project they could have installed a third, shocking vermilion key. Any guy pressing the third key would get a smoochy red-lipsticked kiss on the cheek. The results of the research would have been more credible.

    • Indeed.  What they should have done is to arrange it that when a plain pack is shown, they press the key and get a juicy kiss and when a standard pack is shown they get 10,000 volts up the backside.  That way they can declare that "100% of the subjects preferred plain packs".  Job done.  QED.

  2. I just love it, they can use this sort of science to 'prove' vaping is dangerous, but PROPER SCIENCE on vaping or most things for that matter is dismissed as not having enough 'evidence'


    • There are three rules of science –

      1. If it's their experiment it's conclusive proof.

      2. If the experiment is funded by anyone but themselves, it's null and void.

      3. If the results conflict with their beliefs, then it is to be completely ignored and further research is required.

      Simple really.

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