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  1. In the Good Old Days, the natural recourse for the single elderly was to nip down to the pub of an evening …

    Let's not forget the bingo halls, working men's clubs, British Legion clubs etc etc which were important places for the elderly to go and socialise, most of which have closed down since the imposition of the smoking ban.

    Still, as you say GD, the hundreds of thousands of elderly people now consigned to a solitary and friendless existence is a small price to pay if a few obsessive zealots now no longer have to endure a whiff of smoke in the pubs they don't go to.

    "At Last! A smoke free atmosphere!"

    • OK, there was supposed to be an image there, but although it appeared in the comment frame, it didn't transfer to the comments. I'll try once more, but you may have to do some editing, GD! The image posting process here isn't exactly intuitive…

  2. If I ever end up all by my lonesome again some time in the future and I decided to spend my evenings down at the local pub (bar) in town in order to combat my loneliness and I didn't show up one evening…

    …they'd most likely think I was just some old drunk who decided to stay home for a change.

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