A tale of our times — 9 Comments

  1. A harrowing tale indeed. You ought to ring up Peter Jackson about it. I'm sure he could take your tale and make 3 3-hour movies from it. Of course, he'll make a happy ending out of it and throw in all sorts of elves, dwarves and those damn "little people" into it as well as your usual load of horrible monsters and such but I'm sure it will be a box office smash.

    • I'll get in touch with him as soon as the dragon has been slain.  Didn't he film something similar along these lines recently?

  2. The tribe of Gre have long been a somewhat wayward bunch. Eu has been commanding them to ban smoking everywhere, with menaces, for ages; but the Gre tribe has always just said "yes, ok", and then done nothing about it. This has made Eu very angry, so last time he said "If you don't really, really ban smoking, then I shall vent my wrath on you!". So the people of Gre said "Yes Sir, Immediately Sir!".

    And did nothing about it.

    Oh, that Gre tribe. They are just so………….difficult…………

  3. I don't know if this mythical fairy tale of yours was supposed to be funny, but it certainly made me laugh. Someone should make it into a film a la Monty Python.

  4. Shwmae GD – my, you have a way with words – far more interesting than the main stream press. May you and your new mobile phone keep your charge for many years. 


    • Shwmae Hywel.  Flattery will, of course get you everywhere.  Welcome to my humble little corner of the globe.

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