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    I live in Norway. Alcohol is expensive, taxes are sky high, access is limited, spirits can only be purchased by those over 23 and warning labels are routine. Result: Norwegians are piss heads.

    • True.  Wait 'til they start using taxes directly to "persuade" us.  Then the price will go the roof.

  2. Tbh im conflicted on alcohol if it was banned outright i wouldnt consider it a bad thing it tends to hurt alot of people for a long time apart from historical president of course proveing it wouldnt work ..

    • It does indeed hurt a lot of people, and is the cause of extreme misery.  However, that is a minority issue and in general the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.  Banning a substance because it adversely affects a few is wrong in my book.  They should find a way to treat the small minority without punishing the vast majority.

  3. They were going to try that here. I bet you fifty pence that the cost of the bottle of wine Cameron no doubt enjoys with his dinner would not have been affected in the slightest, but my bottle of cheap plonk would have been considerably more than it is now. How is it that wine is very cheap in Italy, (the only other country I have much experience of, apart from Eire) and yet nobody seems to drink to excess or drink and drive although everybody drinks. On the subject fo smoking there though, I was out to dinner with my Italian lawyer and at about 9 o'clock, everybody lit up. He explained to me that in Italy "The law is only advisory". They seem to apply this maxim to things like the rules of the road and paying taxes as well, which I expect is why I like them so much!

    • "Laws are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men".  [Douglas Bader, I believe]

      As I said, the solution is to discover why people drink the way they do.  Alcohol has been part of most cultures for hundreds if not thousands of years so why is there suddenly a problem now?  They'd be better off looking into that little conundrum.

  4. If the gubmint 'bans' the sale of 'cheap drink' I am sure the poteen makers in the hills of Wicklow, Kerry and South-East Donegal will work hard to meet the increased demand for their valuable product made from Kerr Pinks, Golden Wonder, King Edward and other stalwart varieties of potatoes. And then some cutehoor civil servant will suggest that the Minister for Finance impose a high tax on homegrown spuds.

    • Now would be a good time to go into production of "home brew" kits?  I still have the old barrel and worm out the back so all I need are a few spuds.

      • I once tasted a Home Brew sample of Parsnip Wine (mis en bouteille au chateau d'une cousine) and lived to tell the tale.

  5. I'm tight fisted and proud of it!  People are going to drink no matter what the price.  It's like a locked door.  Just because it's locked doesn't mean someone want break the lock and enter, if they choose to do so.  All they are going to do is increase the sales of black market alcohol.  I'm sure those in the biz are loving this.  🙂

    • People are more likely to try to enter a locked door than an open one – simple human nature. 

      No doubt the black market in booze will flourish just as it has with cigarettes.  Will they ever learn?

  6. Bring it on. The quicker the pain becomes unbearable the greater the numbers folks will say "fuck this" and walls will tumble, blinkers will drop, eyes will be opened and fuck this will be the sound of the world.

    • Bang on!  Let them attack salt and sugar as well, not to mention fat.  By that stage they will be hitting 99% of the population and sparks will begin to fly.

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