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    • Could they all be coming from the same source though?  Could Supershadow be in fact Maria Devine Whatsit?

  1. In the world of the blind the one eyed man is king…

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    We would ask that the Book of Truth is only available through this site at present which contains  the only version  authorised by Maria Divine Mercy. Each copy is stamped with  IBAN mark at the back.


    • A girl's gotta live?  And if there are suckers willing to part with their hard earned………….

  2. Never mind Supershadow, what about Overmaster Grimtool or whatever the feck he calls himself?

  3. There are bad-minded fairies (elves) sitting on ominous toadstools like deadly nightshade. When rambling out of doors just pick wild white champignons; leave the rest to the fairy folk. There are Guardian Angels hovering helpfully around dangerous situations, but they tend to make themselves invisible if you glance over your shoulder. The spiritualist poet AE/George Russell claimed that he had seen a fairy early in the morning once or twice. There is no supporting evidence except for some passages of inspired verse he composed. Ditto for W.B.Yeats. American readers are warned not to believe what they see in that cultural travesty of a movie, Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Leprechauns should be cold shouldered.

    • Leprechauns should all be shot [and their gold confiscated].  Please don't mention that ghastly Darby O'Gill film here.  It must rank as one of the worst films ever made.

      We have quite a few fairies here though and they are plainly visible.

      • I don't disbelieve in fairies, although I've never tried to prove their existence by writing lyrical verse about them. I think it's impossible to shoot leprechauns since they do be lepping about the place and relocate instantly when rainbows 'move' or dissipate as weather conditions change. You might as well try to shoot a gadfly from 10 metres. I tend to believe in the possibility of haunted houses, and Leinster House is certainly peopled by disturbed/disturbing ghosts.They rattle new taxes and chains of stupidly ineffective PC health regulations at us.

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