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  1. This is where you can go and royally fuck yourself.  If I want help I will ask for it.  I do not need anyone telling me I need help and then trying to ram their fucking condescending "help" down my throat.

    Bravo! Hear hear! (Applause applause!) A succinct summing up of the way a lot of us feel.

    Love the pic of the ashtray – I'm going to nick that one for future deployment. In fact, I'd really like to get one. Any idea where they sell them? It's beyond parody! 🙂


    I'm an ex-drinker.  I couldn't care less if someone wants to drink.  Everyman has his poison.  I'm also on my way to being an ex-smoker.  I love the smell of cigarette smoke.  Smoke 'em up.  I don't understand the mentality of the prohibitionist.

    Live and let live!



    • I couldn't agree more.  There are many thinks that irritate me, and some that I think are downright dangerous but it is not my place to impose my ideals on others.

      "I don't understand the mentality of the prohibitionist."  – There is big money to be made!!!!

  3. It came as a bit of a surprise to me to discover that NHS guidelines allow for the transplanting of lungs from 20/day smokers.  Rather undermines the whiff of smoke 30ft away fears…

  4. The best bit about her story (which was written by Smokefree South West) was in the press release sent out by … Smokefree South West. It didn't make any of the news outlets but is rather telling.

    "She began smoking e-cigarettes to curb her addiction to tobacco but became addicted to these"

    It's almost a little sign post as to what is next on their agenda, isn't it? 

  5. On a pedantic point of Theology – the correct inscription on that religious plate should read: JESUS LOVES SMOKERS & NONSMOKERS ALIKE.  He will judge what is in your heart, not what is in your lungs.  Put the FUN back into fundamentalism, youse semi-literate Bible thumpers.

  6. I was at our local hospital yesterday and, as usual, lots of people were happily smoking outside. I think people will just ignore it. I was only ever approached by a fanatical busybody once and you never saw anyone move so fast when I told her the weight she was carrying would kill her first. They always run when you stand up to them. I enjoy smoking, have no wish to stop, of course after 50 years of it I should be dead but still here.

    • Strangely, I have never been approached [I'm still eagerly waiting] though I have had a couple of fly swatters and people muttering behind my back.  Maybe it's my appearance?  Maybe it's the viscous looking dog or the viscous looking wife?  Leastwise I look forward to the day……

  7. I see that at least 50% of the UKs population is going to die of a 'smoking related disease', whether they smoke or not. Add in heart attacks, strokes, and a few other complaints and it's probably up to 80%? I guess the remaining will get run over by a bus, get on the wrong plane, or be victim to some other inconvenient event that closes their chapter!

    However, if you move to Bristol, you'll live forever!

    • Seeing as every known [and unknown] disease and ailment is caused by smoking, it's a fair bet that we will all die from a smoking related disease.  Unless we are hit by a bus.  Unless we are hit by a bus where the driver isn't smoking.

  8. Okay so, granny smoked up to 58 cigarettes a day.

    And her name is butt?

    And ash trays (probably made in China) are speaking for Jesus?

    Christ! You couldn't make this stuff up.

    • I thought her name was appropriate all right! 

      Jesus loves us all [except smokers].  Just as well the Prodigal Son didn't enjoy a fag?

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