Resetting the calendar

It was a simple mistake.

Anyone could make it.

I really honestly thought we got married back in '75.

We didn't.

I was riffling through some papers last year and came across some conclusive proof that the year I made an honest women of Herself was in fact in '76.

I don't know how the error crept in, but creep in it did.  For years we have been celebrating [?] the wrong anniversary.  Last year I mentioned it was our 39th and how we met the year before making it 40 years since we first met. In fact yesterday was our 39th making it 40 years since we met.

God knows when we celebrated the Silver one, but I can safely say it wasn't the 25th anniversary.

As I said – a simple mistake.

After a while all the days, weeks, months and years just seem the same.

Just ask any lifetime prisoner.

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Resetting the calendar — 11 Comments

  1. We met in 1973, married in 1976 and widowed in January 2007 so long may you continue to enjoy every minute of your long marriage. Who cares about anniversaries as long as you are still together.


  2. You are not alone, GD. In fact I think it's a male trait. I'm absolutely fucking hopeless with dates. I have four kids, but if you asked me their years of birth, much furrowing of brows and rapid (mis)calculating would ensue. And as for wedding anniversaries and suchlike – well…..

    And it's funny, women always seem to remember every last detail, dated and timed to the minute. Unfortunately with my last marriage, I got married twice – once in a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand, which actually carries no legal weight, and then again in a civil ceremony in Greece, which is the actual legal one. Naturally, I never remember the dates of either. But of course, my wife does, plus the date we first met, plus the date we first slept together, plus the date…etc etc.

    So I constantly get these "You know what day it is tomorrow, don't you?" questions.

    Blank look.

    "Ummm…yes, of course I do…just a mo, let me think…ummm…(how about a clue?)"

    Cue black looks and a pouty, moody hour or so, and lots of me trying to be sycophantically helpful in order to avoid the fallout.

    I keep meaning to note them all and load them into my phone calendar, with warning beeps and stuff, but I never remember to do that either.


    • When we were given a choice of dates for the wedding I chose the 31st of January simply because it's an easy date to remember [and coincidentally, the anniversary of our first date].  Herself is crap at numbers, so usually [or unusually?] I remember and she forgets.  I have earned quite a few brownie points in the past with that one!

      I never remember any birthdays though…………….

    • I never remember her birthday though.  I can remember the year but have a mental blank when it comes to the day.  I know it's in August sometime……….

  3. I really can't see the point of celebrating anything that's linked to the passage of time. Well, anything beyond a 21st birthday. It's all downhill after that…

  4. You made an honest woman out of Herself when you married her? Jayzus, but that's stretching things a bit it, don't you think?

    You two are a somewhat rare couple these days where folks seem to actually find it surprising when they find out a friend from several years back shows up years later still married to the person they married several years back.

    She must love ya' or something?

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