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      • Not necessarily. The boot could be on the other foot so to speak!

        Off topic for sure but in light of your 'we are fucked' thread where we had a bit of banter have a listen to this. It's thirty minutes long and throws democracy in a very different light to the one the pols and media luvvies push.


      • I'd be one of that half GD.. Jeez, for once I feel young(ish).

        39 years though! Wowsers.    Congratulations!

        As my father would say, you'd do less time for murder.  🙂

        Such a nice post too.. She is lucky of course.

  1. So Cupid didn't shoot an arrow casually. Herself targeted you in that pub and shot you on the spot. You were well got. Here's to many more happy years.

  2. 39 years?   Congratulations to 'Herself' for dedication above and beyond the call of duty. 'course you're only beginners……..I've been stuck with Mr M for 50 years next month!!!!        

  3. belated congratulations to you both, me and him are just approaching our 1st (yes first) anniversary this April 1 we'll have to push 100 to make it 40 yrs

  4. Congrats to you both.She must be a saint!The Senior Partner and myself are about to reach the same millstone sorry milestone.



  5. Same here! Congratulations to you and Herself and yes, she did well–I wonder if she agrees on  this point?

    I know,  I know–I'm late as usual. At least I'm consistently inconsistent?

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