The John Crown Affair — 4 Comments

  1. Another informative and entertaining post, thanks.  Of course if ecigs have hit the revenues of Tobacco and Pharmaceutical companies, then they won't be doing government tax receipts much good either!

    • Welcome Blaze!  That is true, though the gubmint are doing their level best to drive themselves out of the market by raising prices so high.  People are turning either to the black market or electro-fag.

      If Crown had the gubmint's interests at heart I doubt he would have been such a pain in the past with his anti-smoker policies? 

      My money is on Big Pharma.

  2. Totally agree with you. As I was reading this a question shot into my mind… 'Why would a doctor, well respected in his field and presumably knowledgeable enough to tell good science from bad, ignore all the 'good' science in favor of the bad?' I can only come to the same conclusion as you.

  3. As regards money, the refill for my e-cig costs €2.00 and it is the equivalent of twenty cigarettes. Twenty cigarettes cost €10.00 made up of €8.00 in excise and VAT and the other €2.00 goes to the makers, the shops, the transport guys etc.

    Just thought you should all know!

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