Answering the sheeple — 12 Comments

  1. Couple of points I would add, 

    If smoking is deadly as they make out, would they be willing to stay in a garage sealed with an engine running, whilst I was in a room same size with a few smokers in it and see who lasts longest!

    With regard to costs, it is accepted and acknowledged that smokers (and only smokers) lives are shorter than non smokers, so thing how much the govts are saving in shorter pension payments etc.


    • I really believe these people are beyond logic or reason.  They just keep parroting the same old lines like some kind of religious mantra.

    • Not to mention all the damned taxes they get from smoking, more than pays any medical expenses.


      • Welcome DaveE.  The problem is that we keep hearing the same mantra in different guises – "smoking costs the health service….", "alcohol costs the health service….", "obesity costs the health service…." – the simple fact is that life costs the health service.  It's why they are there and why we pay for them.  The sheeple however can't see beyond the catchy headline. 

  2. The one about the smell and having to wash the wardrobe. Not true.

    All pubs that allow smoking have to slap a whacking great sign saying so at the entrance.

    Big pubs have to have distinctly separate smoking rooms – and they're heavily ventilated.

    (S)he was not "stuck" in the room. It's entirely voluntary.

    (However I know there's a push by TC to ban these rooms and this may simply be a shrill, or fuckwit)  

    • Fuckwit can't be ruled out, but my money is on a shrill.

      Nice site, by the way.  Two comments – Where’s WICKLOW?????  and don't let people from Limerick see it! 😉

      • Noted. It'll be changed next month, I hope.

        Do tell, is  Killarney, County Kerry very far from your pad? 

        • About 160 miles as the sparrow flies.  Considerably longer by road [no direct route].  Why Killarney?

          • Mainly because a corrupt politician by the name of Jim Devine has made his home there. Jim came to my attention because of his position vis a vis the smoking ban and I derived a certain satisfaction when he was later sent to jail for fiddling his expenses.

            There's more detail on the individual here:


            I know it's on the far West coast of Ireland and I suspect it's ruggedly beautiful. Presumably quite similar in many respects to some of our outer islands.

            The reason for the question was to alert you to his presence should you have the slightest chance to cross his path.

            Job done!

            • Heh!  I'd say he'll fit into the political scene very well here.  In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say he is definitely one of ours.

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