Making a clean breast

Campaigners celebrate end of The Sun’s page 3 girls


Campaigners are the bane of modern society.

They pick on some fucking "cause" and won't rest until they have either banned it or regulated it in some way.  And when they have reached their puritanical goal they just move on to the next "cause".

As for the Page 3 girls, I couldn't give a shit.

A lot of them are here.

Or if you fancy a virtually endless supply you can find them here.

Or maybe you prefer a little movement [which is more than the Sun could ever boast]?


Never bought a Sun in my life.

I have no time for pictures or films.

I prefer the real thing.

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Making a clean breast — 13 Comments

  1. I seem to remember the Sun had bikini clad girls up to 1970 and then they became topless, a 45 year run against the super boring puritans ain't a bad run. I think it is a phyric victory as so much more can be found on the internet. for instance.

    • I can just see all those campaigners  rushing off now to buy the new "clean" Sun every day.  I wonder what they think about the Interweb?  Heh!

      Is that site at the top of your favourites list? 

  2. Let me get this right.  There's a newspaper that has run a picture of a topless girl on page 3 since 1970 and now the puritans in the UK have gotten it removed.  Christ, that sounds like something that would happen here.

  3. Yup its in the top 5 or so, now't like a buxom girl, especially in the bangers dept.

    Those page 3 girls became big celebrities in the seventies and eighties but that was when the U.K. was still a fun place to live in.

  4. "Never bought The Sun in my life" you proudly declare, rather like how a lifelong Havana cigar smoker declares that he never bought a packet of Woodbines. Aha, but did you ever pick up a discarded copy of The Sun left on a train seat and take an avid peek?

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