Making a clean breast — 13 Comments

  1. I seem to remember the Sun had bikini clad girls up to 1970 and then they became topless, a 45 year run against the super boring puritans ain't a bad run. I think it is a phyric victory as so much more can be found on the internet. for instance.

    • I can just see all those campaigners  rushing off now to buy the new "clean" Sun every day.  I wonder what they think about the Interweb?  Heh!

      Is that site at the top of your favourites list? 

  2. Let me get this right.  There's a newspaper that has run a picture of a topless girl on page 3 since 1970 and now the puritans in the UK have gotten it removed.  Christ, that sounds like something that would happen here.

  3. Yup its in the top 5 or so, now't like a buxom girl, especially in the bangers dept.

    Those page 3 girls became big celebrities in the seventies and eighties but that was when the U.K. was still a fun place to live in.

  4. "Never bought The Sun in my life" you proudly declare, rather like how a lifelong Havana cigar smoker declares that he never bought a packet of Woodbines. Aha, but did you ever pick up a discarded copy of The Sun left on a train seat and take an avid peek?

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