Manning the barricades — 13 Comments

  1. looking forward to the next installment, the arrival of the water bill showing no water being used

    • Actually that's a good point.  Maybe I should let a gallon or two through per year otherwise they'll realise there's something up?

  2. They decided to change our meter last year. They arrived, dug a hole, fenced it with plastic stuff and then buggered off for a week.

    I neglected to tell the missus that they were renewing it, though it's beyond me why she hadn't noticed. Anyway, one dark night she nipped over the road to see a friend who plied her with rum. It was whilst trying to get home (all of 50 yards) that she finally noticed the florescent construction (with flashing lamps) and, being inquisitive and pissed, decided to investigate. The fence is a warning, not a barrier – she fell in the hole head first. I think it was because she was pissed that she escaped with only a graze on her forehead. Actually, the fence came off worse.

    • That should have been worth a couple of million?  I'm not normally one for litigation, but if Irish Water staff so much as farted in my lane I'd sue the arse off them.

  3. I think you will find all they did was change one empty water meter box for another. Apparently the box they put in last year was the wrong size to take the meter. 

    • Indeed that is the main supply.  It goes into the undergrowth and just stops there, open ended.  They put that there a year ago and it's been like that ever since.  I presume they hope I am going to connect it up to the house?  Dream on!

  4. Stick a high pressure pump on the end of it and inject water back into the system. Get a minus reading on the meter, and send THEM a bill! 🙂

    • With the mains pressure around here, pouring water in from a bucket would do the job.  Not a bad idea though….

    • No.  Not the neighbo[u]rs.  I have a perfectly legitimate connection, but it's a hell of a long way from where they think I'm connected.

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