What a gay day — 21 Comments

  1. Dear Grandad


    His announcement "generated 56 THOUSAND impressions per MINUTE for over 7 HOURS."


    Gosh, that's going some. Is that just one person doing the impressions or fleets of them with one hand on their hip saying: 'get you ducky …'?


    Just asking.


    I agree with you about the abuse of the word 'gay'. I'm gay, but not all the time. Sometimes I'm amused or contented, at others downright miserable. Those who claim to be gay all the time on the whole seem to be a miserable bunch most of the time. Perhaps that's just the modern Humpty Dumpty-ish tendency to hijack words and bend their meaning to the opposite of what they used to mean, like 'liberal' and 'democrat' in Liberal Democrat.



    • That comes to [by my calculations] around 23.5 million tweets.  So if it was one person he'd have one hell of a fucking limp wrist after?

      That "gay" thing really pisses me off and I refuse to use the word in any context.  In its normal context I will use "happy", "delirious" or whatever.  Its hijacked context doesn't matter as the subject of homosexuality very rarely crops up in my day to day conversations, for some strange reason.

  2. If he had been a Gorilla in costume, it would have made him much more intelligent then the usual Politico, that would have been news. 



  3. So you trying to tell us something GD?  Try to get it out before the newspaper deadlines!

      • We had our suspicions for a while here, the fags, the coarse language, the manly demeanor…………… Grandad's here and he's not queer! .  I wonder will it be on all the front pages tomorrow?

      • Genetic its all i can think when these "brave" 1% of the population come out in a world that doesn't give a shit 

        • So one person from the 1% "comes out", the rest of the 1% thinks the rest of the 99% should give a shit.  Why?  What difference does it make if Varadkar is "gay" or not?  I'm baffled.



    What's the betting that someone like Phil Hogan is watching while wondering how to hide the fact he's a prick. 

    Then a handler rushes in and genuflects. "Commissioner," he cries, "We have the perfect opportunity. All you have to do is go on television, shed a public tear, put on a grave voice as you look directly into the camera and admit to being straight. You then tell them that it doesn't define you and won't affect how you run Europe for the next forty years. You might even consider going the whole hog and owning up to marrying a woman. The lads inform me that we can handle the inevitable "straight-bashing" when it happens."

    • Phil Hogan was outed as a prick some time ago.  In fact most people have come to realise that he graduated to incompetent arch-prick some time later and any announcement would come as no surprise whatsoever.  And if he is married, Mrs Hogan has my deepest sympathies.

  5. Now that he has announced that he is gay, I'm reading in the papers that he is  suddenly  a contender to be your future Taoiseach.​


    • The media says that but they are an echo chamber of approved thought ….He has no hope of being taoiseach unless he proves his worth beyond being a journalist group think double plus good darling 

  6. When I worked around musical theater I met this guy once who was a dancer, and he was NOT GAY. This didn't generate any Twitter buzz at all, but he hadn't come out to his parents yet. 

  7. I'll take an attitude to a politician based on his/her economic policies, especially as they affect the struggling bottom third of society. I see no reason to be gay about Dr. Varadakar or the rest of his cabinet colleagues. If in Ireland during the next election I'm going to vote for an independent – even if he is a closet affiliate to the monster raving looney party.

    • "even if he is a closet affiliate to the monster raving looney party"

      Surely you mean especially if…..?

      • I stand adverbially corrected. I will especially vote, if allowed to, for independent candidates professing conditional affiliation to the monster raving looney party and its fellow travellers.

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