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  1. Stupid, stupid people. Relentless research shows chemicals n smoking cause endless diseases. To promote smoking, as you are doing, rendes you and your backers utter morons. Yazz  

    • Right, Yazin.. a couple of points –

      a) Smoking does not cause any diseases.  They have never even been able to prove that smoking causes cancer, despite their best efforts.  It may be a contributory factor but that is all. 

      b) Relentless research?  OK… Cyanide kills?  We know that, and there is no need for any further research into that little fact.  So if tobacco is so conclusively dangerous, why the need for all this relentless research?  Just think about it.

      c) I wasn't promoting smoking – I was criticising the Tobacco Control Industry for helping suppress research into the benefits of Nicotine.

      d) Despite all Tobacco Control says about it's critics, I have no backers.  I don't receive a red cent from anyone.  I just happen to be an individual who can think for myself and who doesn't need Tobacco Control to do my thinking for me.

      e) The biggest moron is the one who laps up the propaganda without question and then spouts it all out again like a pet poodle.

  2. If it's nicotinic acid that aids protection against Parkinson's, then take a daily dose of niacin enriched corn flakes.

    • "take a daily dose of niacin enriched corn flakes"  Useless!  The damn things are impossible to light.  Especially if they are all soggy with milk.

  3. I like nicotine, and I now get my much enjoyed nicotine from vaping rather than smoking, (smoking has become too expensive in my country, and vaping is by far a cheaper option). I'm constantly asked when I'm going to give up nicotine, as if using this wonderful substance is bad. I'm called a drug "addict", although I am not addicted to nicotine, I simply enjoy it's effects. I am entirely fed up to the eyeballs with this endless nagging and bullying, sometimes from complete strangers, as if its any business of theirs. 

    I ask they if they are going to give up their alcohol or caffeine "habits", I rarely get an answer. 

    In my darker thoughts, I wonder if this hate campaign against nicotine, is because of the benefits to cognitive ability, that nicotine gives its users, is something that frightens those who seek to control people? Less aware people are far easier to control, and steal from, and are far more likely, just as the post from Yazz shows above, to be taken in by propaganda, and suitably scared. 

    Its interesting to me, that with the advent of vaping, something which is hurting the pharma corps and those governments that extort money from tobacco "sin" taxes, it is now nicotine that has become the "evil" rather than tobacco itself, but not the nicotine in pharma products. If it wasn't so easy to convince the gullible it would be hilarious to watch the twists that ANTZ go through to try and justify this position. 

    • Welcome Jude.  Indeed I have heard it many times that Nicotine is no more addictive than Caffeine and some will say that the latter is more addictive.  I prefer to class my smoking as a habit which I happen to enjoy and therefor have no intentions of giving up.

      I have heard that theory that it is an attempt  to "dumb down" the smokers and turn them into compliant sheep.  I think the answer is a little simpler however – they love the power and the money which is fed to them by governments and the Pharma Industry.

      One thing that is evident is that the Puritans couldn't care less about our health – their moves against e-cigarettes proves that conclusively.  And they couldn't care less if we drown in Nicotine, provided of course that it's the variety sold by Big Pharma.

      • I've been very interested in how the language used by the puritans has changed, with the invention of pharma NRT. The focus used to be on smoking tobacco, then it changed to using nicotine, and smokers were then labeled as "filthy addicts". The word addict is used in a pejorative sense, to dehumanise smokers. If they can be seen as addicts in need of treatment, they can be bullied by "public health" , and treated for their "disease" with NRT from pharma. I know many smokers themselves who have accepted this label, and use it to describe themselves. 

        I know from personal experience that nicotine is not very addictive at all, but this view will never be accepted by the puritans, no matter how many scientific studies prove this, or show the benefits of using nicotine. And you are absolutely correct Grandad, it was never about health, it was and is all about the money.

        • There was a time when they used to claim that "smoking may cause" this that and the other.  Suddenly that became "smoking causes".  Another linguistic sleight of hand to brainwash the great unwashed.

          As for the "addict" label – a source of constant amusement [for me anyway] is the use of a picture of a hypodermic needle on tobacco products!  Did you ever witness anyone injecting Nicotine?  Am I missing out on something?

  4. I vape therefore I am.

    I vape a juice called USA Camel with 8mg of nicotine.  It's smooth and just ever so slightly sweet.  It tastes like a fine tobacco with a slightly sweet aftertaste.


    • One of the smaller problems I have found with e-juice is that it tends to be a little sweet?  I have found that it always leaves a bit of a sickly aftertaste in my mouth.

      • "leaves a bit of a sickly aftertaste"

        That's true of most of the juice I've tried.  That's why I like the juice I vape because the sweet aftertaste is just ever so slight.  It's good.  I like it.


        • It's the Vegetable Glycerin that gives the sweet taste to the ejuice, I'm not fond of overly sweet juices myself, but I like a couple of dessert flavours. 

  5. One GP I saw when I first moved here was violently anti smoking and furious when I said I had no intention of stopping. I asked if there was no other cause of death? and if I broke my leg would it be due to smoking? He said well it could have happened when you were reaching for your cigarettes! Needless to say I refused to see him again.

    • I daren't mention smoking in front of my Doc – he'd only try to scrounge some baccy off me.  Thank God for living in a civilised neck of the woods.  I just wouldn't attend a doctor that would nag me about my lifestyles if they had nothing to do with my health at the time.  I will take advice, not orders.

  6. BTW Grandad, thanks for the welcome, I've been reading your blog for quite some time, and very much enjoy and share your view on the world 🙂  

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