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  1. Sounds like a fun time for all. Of course this means you'll have to check every water pipe and fixture/faucet in the manor to make absolutely sure none of them leak. If any leaky ones are found you'll have to either fix or replace as a single drippy faucet can add several dollars (whatever) to your water bill. And there's always a question of having to pay for their damn water meter(?) as well as pay the charge to have it read every month/quarter/whatevertimeperiodtheyset even if they don't have to come to your home to do so. You wouldn't believe how much it costs for some drone to sit in front of a dumb terminal and read water meter readouts every month/quarter/whatevertimeperiodtheyset.

    On a personal note, here where I live, the town city has always charged a flat quarterly rate for both sewer and water. Switching over to individual (city owned) water meters always comes up every year but the opponents to such, especially the landlords of the tenements since they know damn well that the plumbing in their tenement buildings leak like a sieve, always win out. However, the city now allows home owners to install their own meters if they wish bit at a cost of around $570 a pop. Real bargain that.

    • The beauty of the whole scheme is that they are inserting their meter into a length of pipe that doesn't go anywhere.  If I'm not using it then they can hardly use it to bill me?

      If I did [in a moment of madness] agree to pay a company [with whom I have no contract] I would not only have to pay for the water but also the meter, its installation, the billion or so that it cost to set up the company and the staff.  It has been calculated that for Irish Water to merely break even they would have to charge every household a bare minimum of €1,000 per year.  Incidentally it was recently admitted that the meters that are being installed have a very limited lifetime and apparently they are all going to have to be replaced in fifteen years or less.

  2. I found this post to be very amusing, but only after first copying into an editor and switching out the word "water" with "Guinness."

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