Counting my misdemeanours

I had an early start today.

Herself had a hospital appointment and it meant a drive up to Dublin in the tail end of the rush hour.

Seeing as I was a mere driver, I had a lot of waiting around to do while Herself flitted from test to test.  With only a blank floor, a blank wall and a blank ceiling to look at [and a fucking hard chair to sit on] my mind started to wander and it strayed into an area that cropped up in yesterday's comments, namely doing my own thing and ignoring rules.  I decided to do a tally by mentally replaying my morning's journey.

We started by driving down to the village.  I'm still not quite sure what the speed limit is on my road [I think it’s 30 mph] but I ignored it as I always do.  Strike 1!

On the way there is a painted chicane in the road – one of those imaginary islands marked out in white paint – which involves veering off the straight line towards a stone wall and back again.  As always I ignored it and drove across the paint.  Strike 2!

Next comes a bendy road with a tight speed limit and white lines down the middle.  Ignored the limit and the white lines as I can see the road is perfectly clear.  Strike 3!

On the motorway I am a fairly law abiding driver.  Not that I am worried about the law but the law and common sense happen to coincide which is a rarity.

Arrived at the hospital, dropped Herself off and went looking for parking.  Found a spot and parked.  Notices all over the place shouting that it's a Pay and Display area which I ignored [I’ll happily pay for parking if they provide security and liability, but this lot don’t].  Strike 4!

Lit up the pipe while strolling back to the buildings.  No smoking area.  Strike 5!

Now here is a challenge for anyone who reads this.

Answer the following.

Why should I restrict my car to an arbitrary speed laid down by someone who has probably never driven on that road when the road is clear and I am driving well within my limits of safe driving?

Why should I have my behavious dictated to by some fucking paint on the road?

Why should I pay to park my car at the side of a road when I get nothing in return [they actually have the fucking nerve to say they take no liability]?

Why shouldn't I light up my pipe while walking in the fresh [actually it was stormy] air?

Any mention of the words "law" or "regulation" disqualifies an answer.  I want reasons, not excuses.

If anyone can tell me why I should "obey" any of the above, I'll consider mending my ways.

Only consider, mind you.


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Counting my misdemeanours — 8 Comments

  1. The true law abiding (driving) citizen is the one who damn well knows how to drive safely by using common sense to hide his or her misdemeanors while on the road.

    All other questions, rules and regulations (including speed limits, road paint, parking spaces and parking lot smoking) are superfluous.

  2. Well, if anything, you're risking not being canonized by the Pope in about 200 years. "Saint Grandad" has quite the ring to it. And the statue.. wow! It's molded out of wet baccy! Creative lot in that church.

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