Please delay your emergency for an hour

Just imagine the scenario –

You are sitting quietly enjoying a mug of tea and a cigarette.  You spouse / other half / whatever is pottering around upstairs when there is a yell and a scream.  You investigate and discover they have fallen downstairs, there is a broken leg and blood gushing everywhere from where the broken bone has pierced the skin. 

This is serious.

You phone for an ambulance.

"Sorry but we cannot attend as you have been smoking.  Open all windows and doors, stay off the cigarettes and call us back in an hour."

I am not joking.

Under the new HSE policy rules, the client is also instructed not to smoke for at least an hour before the visit. The same restriction applies to others in the house, who also cannot smoke while the health worker is present.

I had to read that a couple of times as I didn't believe it the first time around.

There are a few points I would like to make here.

First of all, they keep talking about "risk" to their workers.  Lets' do a quick calculation.  I have been "exposed" to smoke in various forms for my entire life.  When I wasn't smoking, others were.  I have been around for about 569,790 hours, so for the sake of argument, I have been "exposed" to smoke for one hundredth of that time [let’s be conservative], which makes about 5,700 hours where I have been breathing either pipe or cigarette smoke. Fair enough?  And the last time I visited my doctor he gave me my usual clean bill of health.  Yet these HSE workers are going so suffer ghastly repercussions from breathing a bit of smoke for a matter of half an hour or so?  Where precisely is the risk?  It is just a piece of smouldering leaf, for God's sake!

I have been paying taxes all my working life.  I am therefore entitle to full and unconditional attention from the health service.  When I paid those taxes, they never mentioned any conditions whereby I might not be covered.  But now they are changing the rules to exclude me because of a perfectly legitimate pastime?  That is not on.

My home is my castle.  I set the rules here, and no one on the face of this planet is going to change that.  If I decide that smoking is perfectly acceptable here then that is the law in this household.  The Nannies would have it otherwise but they know a smoking ban in the home is unenforceable and unacceptable, but they are trying to sneak their foot in the door by threatening to withhold healthcare that I am fully entitled to.

The smoking ban was originally introduced on the pretext that it would "protect" bar workers who would be exposed to cigarette smoke for several hours, seven days a week.  Now suddenly they are worried about a few minutes exposure?  When exactly did smoke become so incredibly lethal?

The Nannies invented this myth of secondhand smoke and the gullible public let them away with it.  Now they are penalising the sick and elderly with their bullying tactics on the back of this myth.

This is a step way too far.

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Please delay your emergency for an hour — 20 Comments

    • It is completely unenforceable.  Can you imagine the negative publicity if the Old Folk are left without healthcare visits just because of an imaginary danger from a tiny wisp of smoke?

  1. step by step they always have to increase their grip on you and your life it can never and is never just the thing they wanted the law for its always the tip of the wedge always with out fail ….this is literally creeping totalitarianism  look at england now where their goverment wants to ban ANYTHING message based they cant spy on fuck you and your freedoms ….We really need to take our selfs back from these bastards 

    • It is creeping totalitarianism.  What's worse, I can't see any end to it.  They want to control every single aspect of our lives and the only way to fight back is to completely ignore them.

      • Indeed be your own man its the only way to operate now.Just be smart enough to toe the line as close as possible where it counts no reason to cause yourself unneeded hassle 

    • It was never proved it was harmful in the first place.  They tweaked tortured the figures until they got the result they were looking for.  Using the criteria they applied it would probably be far more dangerous to wash down an aspirin with a glass of tap water.

  2. Just three years ago a relative of mine was being taken to hospital via ambulance following a suspected heart attack. He has the gift of the gab and he talked the ambulance into stopping and got one of the HSE staff to pop into a shop and buy him a packet of cigs. He puffed away whilst they continued the journey and arrived quite relaxed at the destination! Oh, and he survived fine.

    • It is little nuggets like this that gives me hope for the future of this country.

      When Herself was in hospital last year she happily puffed away on an electrofag.  The nurses were more curious [and supportive] than anything else, despite there being a total ban on the devices in hospitals.

  3. To say this blows my mind would be a an understatement–partly because I don't have a whole lot of mind left to blow. Still, this falls under the category of "you-got-to-be-kidding-me". If I needed an ambulance in a hurry and the EMT's ran in, smelled cigarette smoke and started to tell me they couldn't stay due to blah,  blah, blah, they'd soon be taking care of the business they came for under the business end of my rifle and to hell with the consequences.

    • It just goes to show how far the Nannies have sunk in this country.  If this is enforced it will only be a matter of time before someone sues the arse off them.

      You note incidentally that the primary concern is for the staff and not the patient?  They have become a mockery of themselves.

  4. This is beyond over the top! As has been noted in other comments, Secind hand smoke has never been determined to be a health hazard.  The studies used to justify that conclusion were either outright lies or manipulated to reach that conclusion,  In short the smoking ban was based on lies.  This isn't about health; it's about social control. It is time to exert political action to amend and repeal these bans.  This current ban flies in the face of all reason and compasion. 

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