How to lose your shirt — 10 Comments

  1. It's soccer!  No body gives two shits about soccer!  Hell there's probably only three goals scored in all of the games played…combined.  No body cares about soccer!  It's not a real sport.

    • There is only one sport and that's whacking the odd tourist up the valleys.  For some reason Americans for Philadelphia are the best – the buggers never stand still so it adds to the challenge.

  2. Not from Philly, near Philly.  It's exactly 101 miles from my house to Citizens Bank Park where they play a real sport…Baseball.


  3. Baseball I believe is what we call rounders, a children's game we played a long time ago.

    Now goal are a relatively common occurrence in football games, not as much as you would think.

    As for voting for someone because they were from the parish rather than on merit, is a plague in this country.


  4. What if you were Irish and didn't think her goal was the best? Would that have been a betrayal of the men of 1916?

    Baseball is a fine game – I was reading recently how Babe Ruth, one of the all time greats, had a hugely successful season in 1927 whilst being overweight and smoking and drinking

    • The 1993 Phillies partied all night after games and would have been world champs except for a certain pitch thrown by Mitch Williams in game 7 of the World Series.

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