Marching against the Politically Correct

That was quite an impressive turnout in France and elsewhere?

I am a little confused though.  Why?

Fifty heads of state and millions take to the streets, but why?  They say it is to show solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and their support of free speech but neither reason makes much sense.

Generally when there is a march to show solidarity, it means that the marchers are siding with a particular cause in the face of some opposition or other.  Marches take place here in Ireland in solidarity with the water protesters, but that is a show of force against those who support the water charges.  Marches take place in other countries against austerity measures or because they disagree with some political situation.  So a march is a show of strength by the downtrodden against some aspect of the establishment, but in France, it was the establishment that was doing the marching, so who precisely were they trying to influence?

They were hardly trying to influence those brainwashed brain-dead jihadists who are soaked in a bloodlust and are impervious to reason.  Are the mullahs supposed to raise their hands in horror and declare that they didn't realise that so many people objected to being shot?

As for the free speech aspect – that is frankly a laugh.  After the shootings in Paris I heard Idiot Cameron on the news expressing his horror.  I can't remember the exact words but it was along the lines that "free speech is at the very core of our society".  Is this the same Cameron whose police are happily going around arresting people for their inane comments on Twitter? 

The problem with free speech is that it is in direct conflict with the Politically Correct.  Free speech means freedom to use words and images that others may find offensive.  A society should be judged by how it treats the offended and not by how it allows the use of those words.  In general, the offended should be ignored as they are the ones who choose to be offended, but if on the other hand the offended resort to murder then of course the full weight of the law must be brought to bear.

Politically Correct is defined as "agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people" [my emphasis].  How precise is "could"?  Define "offend"?

It's OK to draw cartoons mocking an [albeit evil] extremist religion but it's apparently not OK to display a Golliwog in a shop window?

They need to think that one out?

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Marching against the Politically Correct — 14 Comments

  1. Its a march of the sheep with their shepherds nothing more nothing less those same people will go back to burying their heads in the sand as whole areas of london paris and so on get turned into ghettos and breeding grounds for these types for absolutely no reason what so ever…..Im not worried really such things tend to get violently solved in Europe but its a shame thats what will happen because of some doomed social experiment…Humans are humans before anyone says such things are in the past all it needs is enough motivation to turn even the most soft pampered guy into a raging lunatic and Europeans are incredible good at it v0v

    • Why do I get the impression that each time an act of terror is condemned, that it adds a drop of impetus to the terrorists' recruitment campaign?

      "Oh look!  We have 'em worried!  Let's fight harder!!"

      • every firebombing every pointless death every rape gang and child pedophile gang that these people carry out is one more awear European its worth it in that sence.
        ​We have to relise this is a culture war now the government(s) are incapable of fighting anything they are so busy fighting their own people pretending the peoples opinions are wrong or fringe when they don't align with the politicians classes or universities pet theory and even if they weren't so gun ho self destructive in proping up a fart in the wind in historical senses ideology of oneness while being protected by their 7000 police men in their own fucking capital they cant combat alakabura the totaly needed petrol store worker from shitholeistan from blowing up a jewish store because the individual gleefuly ruined by a evil fairy tale is much much harder to deal with than an organization planning an attack assuming they could even deal with that either.

        These people cant protect you they actively put you in danger they are utter failures as a goverment current culture and idologies are equal failures and all these marchers are just the typical people who will turn out to protest or prop up anything that seems like it will make them look or feel good with a minimum of actual effort or though bet your ass on it most of them arent returning to a Muslim majority neighborhood later in the day or sending their kids to "diverse" schools assumeing they even lowered themselfs to haveing kids instead of fucking everything and working 17 hours in a cubical till your replaced by cheaper labour automation or die like our glorious culture says is truely liveing life!.

        Sigh bit of a rant but theres so much to be annoyed at these days.

  2. You point out the contradiction between marching for absolute freedom of expression and speech, and the constraints of PC that opinion moulders in media, higher education and the polity have successfully imposed on societies in the west in decades gone by. You conclude with a rhetorical question: They need to think that one out? No. We, every one of us, need/s to think out the pervasive contradictions that surround us.

  3. Please remove my above comment as the cat walked across my keyboard and posted it before I was ready. Not really worth trying again.

  4. It's getting to the point that it's not really worth calling out the whatever security forces you might have on hand to mow down protesters these days since you never know what your shooting at. The downtrodden or the establishment.

    That silly statement being said, it occurs to me that freedom of speech and being politically correct are mutually exclusive. How can you possibly exercise your freedom of speech if you have to be politically correct about it at the same time?

    There, I got it that time. I beat the cats off with a stick.

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