Predicting the end of Google — 16 Comments

    • Will you still be saying that when the Sith or the Jedi or Whaterthefuck come knocking on your door?

  1. Well, that's left me in a fine old quandary.  Do I swear allegiance directly to Lord Bruticus?  Or do I sit on a barren hillside in my under-crackers waiting for someone to ask the question so that I can stand up and shout "I'm Bruticus!" in a mid-western accent?  It's all so confusing.

    Also, having seen all the Star Wars films, I never saw any jedi – no matter how high their midifiddlefaddle/blood count – manage to get their whole head up their own bunghole.  Is this a new power or what?

    • I only saw the first one.  After that things got a little confusing mixing up "prequels" with "sequels". Carrie Fisher was a bit of all right but apart from that I haven't a clue what all the fuss is about.  How come the Bond films or Batman haven't spawned "religions"?  Very strange.

      • I thought Batman caused the establishment of The Latter Day Church of the Rubber-Undie Wearers of Burbank.  Of course I could be mistaken, which would be a pity as it sounds tailor-made for Lord Bruticus…

  2. i,ll have another glass of Bushmills then just to keep a balance in the force you understand can,t have it flip-flopping all over the place can we.

  3. Bruticus lined out as a replacement front row forward in rugby matches over Christmas (sadly not living up to his name), but in the bar afterwards he was saying that Supershadow would be like one of those court advisers from classical civilisation and would be a eunuch.

  4. North Carolina eh? There are some STUNNING women there but whether SS managed to entice one to the movies is very much open to conjecture.

  5.  If you google Lord bruticus under images, your wicklow mountains picture shows up along with  middle aged men who dont have girlfriends:).


    • Hah!  Brilliant.  Not only the Wicklow mountains but my Right2Water, Plain Packs and Forest badges too.  Jackpot!

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