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  1. On the bright side, if this non-existent party is elected you might be in the same position as Belgium was recently, with no Government. I hear that the economy did better than when there were politicians involved….

      • We had that once before – one of the big parties in coalition with a tiny party and a load of independents.  It was a disaster and it is exactly what I predict is going to happen next time around.

        • no Belgium had No government for eighteen months and the sky didn't fall. Iceland too had no government for  some months as it cleared out the dross. sadly in both cases government wormed its way back in. Cannot recall the date but a party in Finland got in and dismantled lots of government. Come the next 'election' (government counting votes on who gets in and who doesn't…no conflict of interest there!) they were out in the cold and big government rebuilt itself.

  2. If the reebooters just call it the Non-Party that will go on the ballot papers. Then all the independent candidates, also described as Non-Party, will have an equal shot for votes as the rebbooter Non-Party. Obviously the party political game as played in Ireland since 1922 (or 1926 if you take the founding of Fianna Fail as the Year Zero) has played itself out and a newly designed game is required. I am mindful that  in mid-19th century Britain some public schoolboys became disillusioned with soccer; so one day at Rugby School an adolescent lad picked up the ball with his hands and ran with it. Others ran after him and tackled him to stop his advance towards their line. Today we need somebody in politics to think outside the box, grab the ball and run for it. 

    • I couldn't agree more.  Unfortunately none of the current incumbents are going to do that.  The current system is too cushy for them with their fat salaries, expense accounts and whopping pensions.  The whole system needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the foundations.  I can't see any of the current mob running for that, least of all Creighton.

      • The American metaphor of Lucinda playing softball while Eddie H and others play hardball comes to mind.

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