Offending a corpse — 22 Comments

  1. Oh, you've really done it this time. You're going to be captured, tortured, blown up, skewered, beheaded, skinned alive, beat over the head with a hard cover edition of the Quran, made to wear strange undergarments and walk to Uzbekistan in a strange manner.

    (Note: Not necessarily in that order)

    And that's just the Catholics. Wait till the radical Muslims get a hold of you.

    Anyway, it was nice knowing you. My condolences to Herself on your loss.

  2. Stuart Wilde on religion

    If you are a vegetarian go out tonight and get a MacDonalds with all the shit on it. You can go back to being a vegetarian tomorrow but don't make it into a religion.


    • Hah!  As a kid I was taught that one bite of meat on a Friday would be enough to damn me to the eternal fires of hell [with graphic descriptions of demons and imps prodding me further into the flames].  Happy days.

      • Stuart Wilde on Hell

        There are no catholics in heaven. Price Waterhouse Coopers has done an audit and hasn't found any zip nada not a one. In Catholicism you can go to hell for just about anything even looking up and in the course of eighty years you are bound to fuck up somewhere..


  3. Stick 'em all on a ship and sink it in shark infested waters.

    The navy needs to use up their sell by date torpedos. 

  4. I made this the other day because we were watching this show and although it's just dialog written by someone and filmed, the context of this was a Viking overlord who befriended a Catholic monk in 800 A.D., and I was all like, I KNOW RIGHT? WHY THE FUCK CAN'T OUR GODS JUST GET ALONG AND HAVE FRAT PARTIES AND SHIT?


  5. I could never figure out why virgins, would right slappers be better.

    what about the gay bombers how do they fare out?

  6. No joke there is a "discover islam" set up in cork on the main street at the moment ….Unbelievable 

      • Im very torn between the fact we are better than them and show that by extending to them the rights they would and have tryed to violently stomp out for others …..And that its pritty obvious they dont deserve the protection and tolerance of our country

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