A change of face — 27 Comments

  1. I like the cinemascope picture of the undulating hills as a background to your masthead, along which I'd like to ramble. I don't know if I like the thin new type of posts. I thought the old type was easier to read and carried more 'authority'. Keep changing and you'll complete the makeover. 

    • That's my Wicklow Mountains, and is indeed a grand spot to ramble around.

      Indeed the font does seem to be slightly different.  I'll see what I can do…..

  2. look we don't come here for the pretty pictures…least I don't…we come for the acerbic wit, the sarcasm, the wisdom, the tales of the unexpected, but most of all because we love you…that said you could do something about the sub head half of it is unreadable…the bit on the dark mountain behind the cartoon oh and rhe yellow text on t'right would be clearer in white…

    • "but most of all because we love you"  Is that a proposal?

      I doubt anyone reads those little snippets, but I have tweaked them a little.  OK?

    • Purple?  Where?  The heather on the mountain?  Maybe you need to adjust your screen?

      Unless you mean the right hand vertical area, in which case it's probably an optical illusion.  That is actually grey, but being beside green may make it appear purple?

    • Hah!  That is one seriously fucked up windmill.  So far we have escaped the damn things, but have a wee stash of Semtex just in case…….

  3. Indeed I do recognize the Wicklow mountains as I was climbing around Glendalough a few  weeks ago.

    4 euros for parking the jackeen feckers. Have afraid the next time I might actually get clamped:)

  4. "Anyway the old design has been around for a very long time."

    Well now you're just talking about yourself. Get back to the blog..

    • Thank you but I'm very happy with my personal design.  In fact the only change I have made in decades is to add a little grey to the colouring.  

  5. Lovely change. One could even say it was refreshing don't you know. And you new header image looks a lot like my area in Vermont.  Yup, very refreshing and still very much Grandad.

    Now, I suppose you're waiting for the typical snide remark after the above complimentary bit of fluff? Well, keep waiting 'cuz I ain't doin' it. Ha!

    And thanks for putting that ugly buzzard back. The site just didn't seem right without it.

    • At our age we need to keep things calm and genteel?  Compliments, while welcome are definitely not expected.

      • Oh, I meant the compliments but I'm sure you know that. The rest is about as calm and genteel as I get.

        Otherwise, the site "make-over" does look really good. The "gradient green" background adds is a nice touch. Looks very up-to-date yet blog-ish.

  6. i like the new change, its easier to read on my phone…i work away in remote locations and my phone is all i have (when i get any signal) .. i like to catch up when i can, your site is one thats bookmarked. 😀

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