Face to face with a Nanny — 11 Comments

  1. The questions are a direct consequence of the compensation culture that arrived here from America. If the assistant doesn't ask and they take the tablets along with all the other stuff they are taking and become ill, then an ambulance-chasing lawyer will be looking for their business or they'll "talk to Joe" about it.

    The notion of individual responsibility has virtually disappeared.

    • Most of the Elf and Safety crap is down to the compo culture.  I've a good mind to talk to Joe about it!

    • "The questions are a direct consequence of the compensation culture that arrived here from America."

      I rather doubt that since this kind of "drug store interrogation" seems to have popped up here and over your way about the same time according to my experience. Hell, I don't even get those kind of questions thrown at me when I wish to purchase these "questionable" pain relievers. Besides, us 'mericans' can't get anything with codeine in it without a prescription anyway but there are others…

      And it's not really about some so-called "compensation culture" either since 99% of us folk over here are not being compensated nor have any desire to be. It's more directly related to the "nanny state" (government-related) state of mind which, of course, was more or less generated by the "I'll sue the pants off you for any piddle-ass reason whatsoever if you give me a chance" culture that most likely did end up over there from from America.

  2. Here you cannot buy more than two boxes of 'pain killers' in a single transaction in case you top yourself or someone else, allegedly. You could go to every store on the street or in the area and get two boxes from each but try popping back in and use the same plastic card and the fucking till will tell the drone not to sell them to you…rise of the machines.

    • Here I can only buy one box but could easily do a pharma-crawl if I was desperate [I'm not – too much driving involved].  That's the problem with these daft ideas – they solve nothing but create a load of inconvenience and annoyance.

  3. They do the same here, I just say I am taking nothing else. It is complete nonsense but sadly that's the world we live in. Sometimes I really am glad to be getting old.

    • Don't worry – I lie through my teeth also.  Though next time I'm asked what medications I'm on I'll try a "you first" as a comeback.  See how they like being quizzed.

      • I read this post to my 85 year old mother (with some judicious "editing" you'll understand). She had the same experience trying to buy some plain Ibuprofen capsules, when I took her on a shopping trip last week. She made the mistake of admitting being on other medications, and that was it. The fact that she has, in the past, been prescribed stronger NSAID's was not a sufficient excuse. I went into the local supermarket later and bought some for her instead…

  4. In Ireland you can go into an off-licence and buy two bottles of whiskey, no questions asked if you look over 18. But if you were to say you drink hot whiskeys on dark winter nights "for medicinal purposes" (I've done just that for many years) would there be nanny questions asked?

    • PS here is the recipe for persons unaware of the medicinal properties of whiskey. Double shot of whiskey + three or four cloves + slice of lemon or a squirt of lemon/lime juice + granules of brown sugar or cane sugar crystals + freshly boiled water. Stir and sip. Then have another. Some eccentrics substitute a double measure of VSOP brandy, but Napoleon would have regarded that as uncultured.

      • Sorry – can't take alcohol in any form of heated concoction, including hot whiskeys and even Irish coffees.  I'm not even that fond of it in food.  Neat is a different matter altogether though…….  😐

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