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  1. Yes, it's a bad law. Politicians are very good at making bad laws. Perhaps it's because so many of them are bad people….?

    As to whether or not you should personally abide by it, I'll be cheering on you and every other compatriot who disobeys this law (from the sidelines, because I live in the UK).

  2. Here the water companies are private companies that are heavily regulated by the state as well as the local governments.  There is a meter at each home so you are charged by the amount of water you use.  The rates are somewhat reasonable.  This is only half the story.
    We also are charged for sewer usage.  The sewer systems are owned by the local governments so charges vary from township to city to borough.  Any way you look at it we are charged for water coming and going.


    • I have no problem with my water being provided by local government.  My main objection to this whole business is the privatising of the sector, as it will then be sold off to some foreign conglomerate whose only interest will be in creaming off the profit at great expense to the customer.

  3. yes but inspite of the good laws you mention people get murdered, stuff gets stolen, stuff gets destroyed, laws prevent bugger all, they simply allow vengeanace to be enacted after the fact…

    laws do not compel any more than they prevent…you are the only thing that can comply and then only if you choose to.

    this law business is non sense.

    • I have a funny feeling though that if those laws didn't exist there would be a slight increase in murders, theft and destruction?

      • point is these laws exist and they don't prevent anything. You do not comply with them as you are not a killer, a thief, a destroyer. Anyone who fancies a bit of murdering, stealing or destroying won't comply with them either. The law is moot in the murders. thieves. destroyers decision to cause harm to another. As you eloquently bang on about those in government are above or beyond the law. They seek to cause harm to others. That is the reason why they re where they are and why there ius never a shortage of them.

        One messes up and a hundred more are primed and ready to take their place. One employee of the government messes up and there are thousands more ready and willing to take their place and cause harm to their fellows. The dishonesty is these folk carry out their harming in the name of the law hence things like Higgins, fatso Reilly Varadkar Ahern Cowen etc ebb and flow without being the slightest bit inconvenienced by such trivialities as law…they are outside of the law…they create the law you are supposed to but are never asked to comply with…they are out laws…everyone else are in laws.

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