One in a million

I'm a Grandad.


Daughter's produce number four popped out yesterday afternoon weighing a healthy 5 tons 12 cwt [though that could have been 5 lbs 12 oz?  I get confused].

For my women readers who will doubtless want to know the details – it's a girl.

Babies show up one of the starkest differences between men and women.  Women are hard wired to go all gooey at the mere sight of an infant [hence the proliferation of sickly ads on television] but to most men all babies look much the same.  I know I'm in that category.  Herself spent all last night cooing over the photographs and going all sloppy on Farcebook, but as far as I am concerned I'm just delighted that my daughter and her daughter are fine.

I did a check and apparently every couple of days a million babies are born so I can truthfully and proudly say that the new granddaughter is one in a million?

I wasn't able to get in to see them last night as unfortunately I had to suffer the tradition of allowing everyone in the pub buy me a drink.  It's a tough job being a Grandad, but somebody has to do it.  That might explain why I have been a tad tardy replying to comments from all my new readers here.

Anyhows, for those of you [particularly the women] who are interested, here she is.

Number Four

She's lucky.

I'll think of her every time I see a full moon from now on.

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One in a million — 16 Comments

  1. i must not be wired right, i looked at the pic and thought oh look same phone as mine.. though, nice baby too, glad girl and girl are well it's all we can really hope for.

    • It's a new EU directive…  all children must have a mobile phone from birth.  It's something to do with tracking their positions at all times.

  2. How well you know our K8 that she wouldn't use a name like Mary or Jane!

    Caoimhe.  Pronounced Kweevah [about the nearest I can get….]

  3. she's got your hair…the tiddler not K8 she got yer mind…some say your best feature as you cannot see it…others tell the truth…

  4. Oh GD she's beautiful, congrats to Mum and Dad,  and to you of course…without you (and Mrs GD), that little poppet wouldn't be here. God Bless.

  5. Beautiful little girl (I can always tell for some reason despite the fact that you said so). Very glad mother and new granddaughter are fine and dandy. Congrats from me and the Mrs as well. Pas that on to K8 if you get the chance if you will?

    And I won't admit that I said, "Awwww", when I looked at the picture, okay?

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