The day that is in it

I very much doubt many will be poking around this corner of the Interweb today?

Unless one or two of you are playing around with your spanking new "smart phones" or "tablets" [God help us…]?

Leastwise I'm sensible enough to be elsewhere and not wasting my time wasting your time.

I hope to be enjoying myself, either with the family or locked up in a cell, depending on how tonight goes last night went.  I'm setting this to pop up at some random time tomorrow today so it will probably fail and never see the light of day.

In the event that it does pop up and that you are sad enough to be visiting, I hope you are having a Good One.  Plenty food, booze, baccy and women and fuck the begrudgers.  That's an order.

See you on the other side.

I hope.

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The day that is in it — 8 Comments

  1. To be honest with you GD, I'm not sure I want to fuck the begrudgers if they look anything like Debs Arnott. That's one of those nightmare scenarios that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. In my youth I've woken up to a few regrettable bedfellows (beer goggles and all that), but never anything remotely resembling 'our Debs', thank God.

    I'm actually (I think) seven hours ahead of you, so the night is approaching its crescendo as we  speak.  All the nubile wenches are getting ever more nubile, the assembled hordes are getting drunker, and I may pop out for a nightcap in the very near future, having indulged in a very un-Christmassy meal of char-grilled scallops followed by equally tasty char-grilled whole grouper covered in a chilli and herb sauce. With green curry fried rice as an accompaniment, It was delicious. All washed down with a large chilled Tiger beer.

    I am replete.


  2. Playing around with your spanking new "smart phones" or "tablets"

    Not mine (I wouldn't have a "smart" phone if you paid me), but I did try and help new brother-in-law with his broadband and WiFi today. It saved me from getting too involved with the usual Christmas bollocks… What I did find is that iPhones and iPads appear to have piss poor useable WiFi range and throughput compared to a normal laptop – at least his did when accessing his BT Home Hub. I can see some proper experimentation coming up at a more convenient time, firstly seeing what the signal is like around the house and garden using my laptop and "Net Stumbler".

  3. May the force be with you. May Confucius and all kinds of relevant wisdom be with you. And may Herself be thoughtfully helped with the washing up.

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