The lighter side of life — 3 Comments

    • I don't know what happened to the mouse – I haven't heard him since I wrote about him.  He's probably off preparing a case for defamation…

  1. Your lighter of choice looks very familiar from way back when. I'm sure I remember that design, albeit petrol driven, from when I was a boy.

    I hope you're getting into a suitably grumpy, bah-humbug mood ready for the impending festivities, GD. I'm currently sitting on a hotel balcony contemplating the Gulf of Thailand, and the paean to Christmas is agreeably down-tempo around me. Just a nod to this imported celebration, but no more than that. Mind you, back in Bangkok the big supermarkets are nevertheless playing jingle-fucking-bells and other such tripe over the tannoy. Maybe next year I should go to Tehran or Baghdad. I bet you won't hear Slade singing their Xmas dirge there…

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